3.02 – Upload / Import Email List

3.14 – Exclude Selected Emails Before Sending a Campaign
August 7, 2017
4.01 – Create New Campaign
August 7, 2017

For uploading or importing bulk emails at once, you should have a file with primary fields like Email, First Name, and Last Name and save the file in a valid CSV, Text or SQL Database file format.

Note: Click here to see the sample CSV file format.

If you want to add or include more fields other than primary fields, like Address, City, Phone, etc., and you also want to import them, do not worry, CrowdMail will automatically create new fields while importing file.  Check the list carefully before importing, the import process might fail with some of the files, if they are not correctly formatted or they contain invalid data.

To begin importing the List, follow below given steps:

  • Click on Subscriber List menu on left side
  • Click on the List Name, where you want to import the list
  • Click on ToolsImport > CSV File Live Import.
  • Click on Browse button to select your CSV file to import. Read the notes carefully before importing your CSV list.
  • Click on Upload File button to start importing the list.

It will show you the progress bar with number of Subscribers and percentages completed and you need to stay on screen, till the process completes.  Upon completion of import process, it shows 100% or the message of The Import process has finished.  Now you can click on Back to Import Options button to go back to import other files.  Repeat the same process to import other files in the same subscriber list, or change the subscriber list from Subscriber List and repeat the same import process.

After successful import of the file, you’ll see, numbers of subscribers in Subscriber box in List Overview.  Click on Subscriber box, and you’ll find the imported subscriber list.

Last Updated On: January 17, 2018
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