4.05 – Resolve Email Clipping Issue

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August 7, 2017
4.06 – Personalize Email Templates with Custom Tags
August 7, 2017

Email clipping means a short of small text, picture, footers, URL etc. is trimmed from Email Campaign. Clipping of emails is generally specified to improve render performance. Commonly, the clipping of emails occurs due to the limit on the size of the emails imposed and many more reasons. Marketing emails have a tendency to gather a large file size as more content is added.

Here are various tips and tricks which will help to resolve the email clipping issue:

  • To avoid email clipping, first of all, try to keep the email size small and simple up to 75 kb (7000 words in a plain text).
  • The quality of the image is the typical but not the problem because some of the images are loaded externally, also the number of images can increase the total amount of codes.
  • While using HTML template, make sure to check your HTML source code for any bulky styling and coding.
  • Every time send the emails with an identical “Subject Lines”.
  • Try not to copy/paste the content/code from the clipboard to the email editor.
  • Make sure to prevent from viewing the entire email, unless clicking another button and also often stop tracking images from being loaded.
  • Always try to minify emails which make a huge difference and helps to stop the clipping.

Apart from above fixes you can use the compatible drag and drop email editors, which can be used to avoid any kind of email clipping issue.

Last Updated On: August 22, 2017
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