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August 7, 2017
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August 7, 2017

The left menu contains the most important aspect of the CrowdMail application and for your email campaigns. There are three distinct areas of Email Marketing Platform:

  1. Contact/Subscriber Lists (Lists)
  2. The products or services that you want to inform to contact list of (Campaigns)
  3. The appearance or the design of the sent campaign (Templates).


You have the ability to create, modify, add and delete any of your Lists, Campaigns and Templates. As you work in these areas, you will increase your knowledge in the power of this application and email marketing.

There are hidden treasures, such as forms (to place on your website for your visitors to subscribe for your newsletters & updates) and tracking (which aids greatly in your follow-up) and so much more that can and will develop your business if used methodically. These and lot more are well explained later in this documentation.

The following gives you an overview of the main links of the left menu:

A. Dashboard
Clicking on the Dashboard link will show you the Dashboard with all the information of your Campaigns, Subscribers List, Templates, API Keys, etc. with charts for Recent Activity, Subscriber Growth, etc.


B. Price Plans Menu

  1. Price Plans > Price Plans Menu: shows all the plans that you can purchase or upgrade as per your campaign requirements. Subscribers List
  2. Price Plans > Orders History Menu: Shows list of all your Orders or Purchased Plans till date. Subscribers List

C. Lists Menu

  1. Lists > Lists Menu: Clicking on the List link you can view current lists or create a new list. If there are a large number of lists, the text and drop down boxes will allow you to search for specific lists you have. Subscribers List
  2. List > Tools Menu: Click on Lists > Tools menu and two boxes appear, Sync (Subscribers) and Split (Lists.) Subscriber List Tools

D. Campaigns Menu
(NOTE* – Be sure to set up your Account, and create/import at least one List and one Template before creating your first Campaign.)

  1. Campaigns > Campaigns Menu: Click on the left menu, Campaigns > Campaigns that will show you list of all your Campaigns. You can also Create a new campaign or modify an existing campaign that is not yet sent.Campaigns
  2. Campaigns > Groups: Campaign Groups are a way to categorize your Campaigns. As an example, if you eventually have 40-50 or more campaigns of both Estates and Yachts, you could create Estate and Yacht groups and simply categorize each of your campaigns within these groups for an easier search feature instead of having to search through all campaigns.Campaign Groups
  3. Campaigns > Custom Tags: Custom Tags are used to add special tagging to your Campaigns with special comments without writing the same comments again & again. For e.g. Adding [CCT_YOUR_TAG_NAME] in your Campaigns content will automatically adds the comments mentioned in that Tag.

E. Templates Menu

  1. Templates > My Templates: The first time you login in, you will not have any templates in the ‘My Templates’ area. You can do one of three things – 1) Create your own template, 2) Upload your own template either created by another application or downloaded or 3) import it from the CrowdMail’s Template ‘Gallery.’Email TemplatesYou can easily create your own template by our ‘Drag-&-Drop Email Designer’. For more details on creating & modifying a template, see the Template Modification section.
  2. Templates > Gallery: The Templates Gallery link takes you to ready-made templates freely provided by CrowdMail for you to import and use. These templates, once imported, can be modified for your custom use.Email Templates GallaryTo import a template into ‘My Templates’, click on Templates > Gallery and choose one to import by clicking on the button titled ‘Import into my templates’ below the template you choose. The chosen template will then show in ‘My Templates.’ You may choose some of the templates or all of them.

F. API Keys
CrowdMail API Keys allows you to integrate your web based applications with CrowdMail for using CrowdMail features directly from your web based application.

API Keys

G. Knowledge Base
Clicking on the Knowledge Base link will bring you to this Knowledge Base for any help required during creating your campaigns.

Knowledge Base

H. Support Tickets
Create Support Ticket if you do not find help in Knowledge Base or if you have any other issues. Our team members will soon response you.

Support Tickets

Last Updated On: August 24, 2017
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