1.3 – CrowdMail Dashboard

1.2 – CrowdMail Terminologies
August 7, 2017
1.4 – CrowdMail Menu
August 7, 2017

Once logged in, you will be welcomed at your Dashboard, that gives an overall information of your activities. CrowdMail Dashboard is divided in 3 sections:
A. Dashboard Title Bar
B. Main Menu
C. Dashboard Summary area


A. Dashboard Title Bar

The Title Bar at the top of the Dashboard is for quick links and your account settings.

Title Bar

1. CrowdMail logo is simply a ‘home’ link, available on any page to take you back to the Dashboard.

2. Collapse icon ‘hides’ the left menu to give you more workspace in the main body.

3. Message/Notification shows your recent notification of messages sent by Admin or other user.

4. Account Usage icon gives you a quick summary of your Lists, Campaigns and Subscribers.

  • Sending quota
  • Lists
  • Campaigns
  • Subscribers

Account Usage

5. Your name in the upper right has two links, one to your ‘My Account’ settings and the other ‘Logout.’

User Menu

  • Logout – It is important that if you are using an office computer or a public computer that you logout of your account or your account profile – email, password and other private information such as all customer information would be at risk.
  • My Account – Has two tabs with important information that is used for your templates and the Campaigns you create. Without some of this information, you will not be able to finish building a campaign or can send a campaign.
    1. Profile tab – Includes person’s information like First name, Last name, Email, Password, etc. who is going to use CrowdMail and responsible for its account activities.
    2. Company tab – Includes Company’s information like Company’s Name, Websites, Address, Industry Type, etc. and those items that will be auto-filled in your templates if you use ‘tags’. (More on that later in this manual.)

User Profile

Note: All the fields that are mandatory are designate with * (asterisk) symbol in Red color.


B. Main Menu
Main Menu contains all the necessary links to navigate through CrowdMail as below:

  1. Dashboard: Navigates you to the Dashboard screen.
  2. Price Plans: Allows you to upgrade your membership plan.
  3. Lists: Shows list of all your Subscribers List that contains all your Email Addresses.
  4. Campaigns: Shows list of all your Campaigns irrespective of Draft, Sent, Pending, etc.
  5. Templates: Shows list of all your Email Templates and also preloaded Email Templates provided by CrowdMail.
  6. API Keys: Show list of API Keys generated by you.
  7. Help & Support: Takes you to the Help & Support section where you can access all types of technical & non-technical articles to learn on how to use CrowdMail and take maximum advantage of CrowdMail for promoting your business by Email Marketing.
  8. Support Ticket: If you have any technical issues, raise a Support Ticket. One of our CrowdMail Support Team Member will respond you within 24 hours.


C. Dashboard Summary Areas

Under the Title Bar the Dashboard contains 7 summary areas:

1. At a glance

  1. Campaigns
  2. Lists
  3. Segments
  4. Unique Subscribers
  5. Total Subscribers
  6. Templates
  7. API Keys

Each ‘glance box’ is a link to view, search, modify and create that area. (For example, if you have sent out 17 campaigns, click on ‘More Info’ to view all campaigns and if it has not been sent, then you can modify it.) Click on ‘More Info’ link to view details on each area.Dashboard Glance

The remaining summary areas allows you to quickly view all current activity with respect to what you recently did, Subscriber, List, Campaign and Unsubscribe growth as your activities with each expands and a quick view on Delivery vs. Bounces.

2. Recent activity
3. Subscribers growth
4. Lists growth
5. Campaigns growth
6. Delivery vs Bounces
7. Unsubscribe growth

Last Updated On: August 23, 2017
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