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Main Features Basic Plus Enterprise
Email Marketing
Send Newsletters
Free Email Templates
Drag & Drop Email Designer
Contact Management (Easy Import/Export Contacts)
Inbox Preview (Email Testing)
Automation Basic Plus Enterprise
Marketing Automation
Auto Responders
Automation Segmentation
Integration Basic Plus Enterprise
Subscription Forms
API & Web Hooks*
Advance Reporting & Analytics Basic Plus Enterprise
Tracking & Reporting
Activity Graphs
Advance Analytics *
GEO Tracking *
Site & Event Tracking *
EXPERT SERVICES Basic Plus Enterprise
Marketing Consultancy Optional / Paid *
Free Custom Email Design Service Optional / Paid * 1 per Month
Customized Marketing Strategy Optional / Paid Optional / Paid *
Automation Strategy Consultation Optional / Paid Optional / Paid *
In-depth On-boarding *
Resource, Support & Trainings Basic Plus Enterprise
Email Based Support
Access to Articles, Guides & Videos
User Community
One-on-One Online Training Optional / Paid Optional / Paid
Webinars & Seminars Optional / Paid Optional / Paid
  • Advance Analytics, GEO Tracking, Site & Event Tracking: Available to more than 10,000 Subscribers for Plus plan
  • Marketing Consultancy, Free Custom Email Design Service: Available to more than 10,000 Subscribers for Plus plan
  • Customized Marketing Strategy, Automation Strategy Consultation, In-depth On-boarding: Limited


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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your doubts that popup into your mind

Does CrowdMail provide any Demo or Free access?
Yes we do... CrowdMail have a Personal Plan that is absolutely Free. By signing-up for CrowdMail you will be automatically enrolled to Personal plan and start sending the campaigns and explore the features. Once you feel satisfied and wants to increase your needs, you can purchase the plan anytime after you log into CrowdMail.
Does CrowdMail have separate apps for Mobile & Tablet devices?
Presently CrowdMail is a web based platform and is compatible for all devices of any screen size. We are working hard on the apps for all devices and soon will be available in near future.
How can I make sure that my emails are sent?
You can maintain a track of email delivery reports by logging onto your account.
Can my mails be read by outsiders when send through CrowdMail?
Absolutely NOT, CrowdMail has high security standards and regularly updates the system. Additionally, the servers are used for outgoing transfer of emails exclusively. The emails that are sent are not stored on the SMTP Server. In case, the email delivery fails, the server attempts to send it again for 3 days from the actual receiving time on the server.
Why need to use CrowdMail for sending marketing emails, when we can send emails from our email accounts?
With your normal email accounts you cannot send emails in bulk. Every email system has limitations of sending emails. And If you try to send bulk emails regularly, then there are chances to get your email accounts disabled. CrowdMail is using advance SMTP or email servers that allows you to send bulk emails for marketing, newsletters, transactionals, etc.
What payment method do you accept?
Presently we only accept payments through PayPal, soon we will be providing other options to make payment easy.
Will CrowdMail share our email address(s) with third party?
No, absolutely NOT; CrowdMail safeguards all personal information. You can have a clear idea of this in our business terms.
Do I have to type all my contacts to start campaign?
Not at all... CrowdMail has an smart contact management that helps you to import/export your contacts from various sources.
What if my email was successfully sent, but recipient doesn't receive?
While, sending an email, the message is sent from a single mail provider to the next till the time it arrives. It might so happen that the recipient's mail server was offline or out of operation temporarily. The server(s) of CrowdMail will always try to deliver the email sent for three days ensuring its delivery. You can always maintain a track of email status in the Reports of CrowdMail.
We have multi-national customer base with different languages. Can we send marketing emails in our customers language?
Of-course YES... CrowdMail supports all major international languages
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