Advantages of using hybrid email marketing service for different types of businesses

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March 28, 2018
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Choosing a proper email marketing service provider is very much important. Email marketing can be beneficial for different types of businesses as is a crucial decision upon which the entire businesses’ operational costs depend on. Your business’s performance and deliverability will ultimately decide its overall success in today’s competitive marketing. Choose a professional and efficient hybrid email marketing service provider who will help your business in the long run.

Various options which are available to choose from:

  • Email services
  • Cloud SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Relays
  • On-Premise MTAs or Mail Transfer Agent
  • SaaS Solution

Check out the advantages of using hybrid email marketing solutions:

  1. The first advantage of applying a hybrid solution is the flexibility in routing the emails to different SMTP Relays. Thus, the email marketers can route the emails through various SMTP services. This can make the routing process easy. Moreover, the marketer can easily avoid IP or Domain reputation damage for less engaged recipients.
  2. The next advantage is that it is a more cost-effective as well as a scalable solution for any marketer who wants to ignore unnecessary investments. An SMTP relay server is a very much cost effective. For startup companies, this is the best medium to keep the investment well maintained.
  3. The hybrid email marketing service is the best medium which encompasses several advantages in the most flexible manner. As different types of emails have different costs, the maintenance cost of the hybrid marketing also varies from one person to another. Multiple email delivery mechanisms are used for sending various types of emails.
  4. Another advantage of the hybrid email marketing solution is that it offers better customization options and analytics to the business marketers. They also get extensive customization options. Moreover, using a hybrid marketing solution is the easiest way for the startups to give an instant boost to their business.
  5. The hybrid email marketing service solution also provides a better real-time delivery data to the marketers. Also, the marketers get analytics report and can conduct their email marketing campaigns with a better transparency.
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